Piano lessons 

Nigel Chapman has a proven track record of providing piano lessons and currently teaches over 100 clients each week. Clients are a mix of private lessons and junior school 1:1 lessons.  Currently, all clients are taught via the internet using Skype, Zoom, Teams etc.  

If you would like to take ABRSM piano exams each client is emailed at the end of each lesson with a to do list so that progress can be tracked.  Clients can quickly progress providing lots of practice is put in between each weekly lesson. Clients have passed over 400 exams under Nigel's guidance (Grades 1 to 7). 

There is no need to take an exam. Playing for pleasure is equally rewarding. The same dedicated practice regime is required. 

I teach in many different musical genres, from classical to pop, across varied musical periods. 

Nigel Chapman Dip.Mus.Open. Call 07769 702 405.  Email  nigelcml@gmail.com